Buy YouTube Channel Monetized – Best monetized YouTube Channels 2023

Buy YouTube Channel Monetized. Are you trying to find a reputable site where you can buy YouTube channel?

Developing a YouTube channel may be difficult and time-consuming. Organic growth necessitates constant promotion and creative material, neither of which many individuals have time for. It would be best if you watched out for a few factors when looking for the finest site to purchase YouTube channels that have been made profitable.

Finding a trustworthy site can be very challenging, and many people waste their hard-earned money on fake channels. In addition to describing each website’s unique qualities, this article will thoroughly explain the best sites to buy YouTube channels.

Best Site to Buy YouTube Channels

There are a number of websites that claim to be selling good monetized YouTube channels, however, only a few deliver on their promises. Here are the 3 best sites to buy YouTube Channels that are monetized and aged. Why Buy youtube channel?

1. offers monetized organic YouTube channels, offering a little more choice than other services. This is the safest place to buy YouTube channels. Botted channels aren’t the most popular, but they can quickly jumpstart your organic development; they just carry a little bit more risk.

In addition, monetized channels with 1000 to 10,000 subscribers are available for purchase. All channels offered by Viralnpc are free of copyright violations and have monetization turned on by default. Quality videos are also guaranteed.

Along with a premium logo and banner that match, your channel will also come with round-the-clock support to ensure your AdSense account is functioning properly. You’ll note as you browse their website that they also offer a ton of useful advice on how to securely purchase YouTube channels that have been made monetizable.

They also have a thorough FAQ section that should address any quick issues you may have. Viralnpc offers one of the greatest UIs and a flawless customer experience. I should add that they provide a refund guarantee, which shows how confident they are of the service they offer.

You will only find favorable comments if you search for client reviews of the business and its services. They may not yet have the same reputation as some other businesses, but they are quickly establishing a name for themselves, and it is clear that their clients are important to them.

Where can i Buy YouTube Channel?

Where can i buy youtube channel ? To buy a YouTube Channel is a good idea from to comprehend the potential benefits of purchasing someone’s YouTube account before you spend a lot of money to acquire access to their channel and subscribers.

The residual income from the already-posted films on the channel is one advantage of purchasing a monetized YouTube channel. Reviews on YouTube channels are usually bought, and you can continue to make money from those current videos’ ads and YouTube partner programs for years to come.

Purchasing a channel has another advantage: it already has a loyal subscriber base. It’s not necessary to spend years producing videos that nobody will watch. You can continue the original creator’s work and launch the promotion of your goods and services.

While having a sizable subscription base is excellent for the sake of guaranteed views, it also has another advantage in that it will make growing a sizable following much simpler. Viralnpc is considered better than other marketplaces like

What to Look for in a Website for Buying YouTube Channels?

In order for you not to waste money, I have compiled a list of things to look out for before buying a YouTube channel from a site.

  • The site must be able to provide a channel with real subscribers and watch hours.
  • The YouTube channel must be secure, and the site selling the channel must also be secured to protect your payment details.
  • The sites must have positive reviews. Stay away from sites with average or negative ratings.
  • There should be 24/7 customer support. You should be able to table your concerns at any time of the day.
  • If the prices are too high, try other sites listed above. The prices should be as affordable as possible.

The good news is all the above qualities are present in the 3 sites mentioned above.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Monetized YouTube Channel?

The answer to this query depends entirely on several factors. Let’s examine the factors that influence a YouTube channel’s price:

What Person’s Face Is Connected to the Channel?

Although it might seem obvious, it can be challenging to make a seamless transition if you buy YouTube channels linked with a face.

It will be challenging to create material for that existing audience if the YouTube channel you purchase relies heavily on the creator’s face. Of course, the transfer will be a lot easier if the channel doesn’t already have a well-known face associated with it.

Where are the Subscribers sourced from?

Where are the majority of the subscribers located is what this actually signifies. The location of the subscribers will undoubtedly play a significant role in deciding the channel’s value.

The channel will make more money per video, for instance, if most of its subscribers are from the United States than from subscribers primarily from, say, South America.

How Many Videos are there on the Channel?

The quantity and caliber of the currently available videos should be considered when determining whether or not to buy a YouTube channel. Of course, a channel won’t be valued as much as one with more than 200 videos if it has just produced two thus far.

Are There Any Strikes Included?

First, let’s define a strike. One of the worst things that may occur to you and your YouTube channel is a strike. This is because it may possibly lead to the banning of your channel. The most frequent reason for a strike against your channel is a copyright violation, though there are numerous other potential causes as well.

But don’t worry; you only get three strikes before being eliminated. Each strike has a time restriction, and it is written off after three months. Channels with strikes tend to sell for lesser.

Is it Monetized?

A YouTube channel is considered to be “monetized” when it makes money. It goes without saying that most people and businesses desire to purchase monetized YouTube channels to begin realizing a return on their investment. The channel must have at least 4,000 hours of recent views and 1000 subscribers in order to be monetized by YouTube.

Knowing the channel’s monthly revenue can also help you determine what kind of profit you may anticipate. Naturally, you have a significant advantage if you can choose to purchase monetized YouTube channels over non-monetized ones.

That said, the three sites mentioned above charge an average of $500 USD. The prices will vary with the factors listed above.


When Will My Channel Deliver?

The site you are working with will determine exactly when your YouTube channel will be delivered. You won’t likely have to wait more than a few hours to receive your YouTube channel, so stop worrying about having to wait around for weeks or even days.

How Will they Deliver My Channel?

YouTube channels may be linked to several email addresses, but they will only ever have one principal owner, and this account will have full access to everything. Make sure you are listed as the primary owner when purchasing someone else’s YouTube channels so that you are in control of everything.

YouTube may take up to 24 hours to approve this request. To maintain full control, you must remove all other channels connected to it once you have been authorized as the principal owner.

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