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👋 Welcome to the Lime Store!

🍋 We have prepared instagram accounts for you to conduct business or your blog in this or similar topics.
🍋 Native mail, this is confirmed by the guarantor during the transaction. You can view all accounts in our profile.
🍋 There is a Meta Verified button ✅
🍋 Crystal clear story of the account! There are no restrictions, It did not get into the shadow ban.
🍋 The account was created manually, was in the recess for a long time, so it is perfect for MF and ML.
🍋 A BIG NUMBER OF POSTS. It is possible to change the description of any post.
💎 Subscribers are of very high quality, without unsubscribing. Real people signed up from their phones for a reward, but they are not active in the future (offers).


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